Equipment leasing,
understanding the details!

Simple, Quick, Safe, Mobile, Effective

Better equipped in real time

At GFL, we understand that your time is precious and that your equipment contributes to the performance and growth of your business on a daily basis. That's why, with just a few clicks, we provide you with fast and simple steps to credit approval:

  • Chat with an account manager;
  • Request an online quote;
  • Complete an online finance application;
  • Ask your equipment supplier for a lease.

Make life easier!


The advantages of leasing

When it comes time to acquire equipment, leasing is a financial solution that offers a multitude of advantages. Let's take a closer look at the details:

Simple, fast and competitive

  • Access to financing in just a few easy clicks or steps
  • Support within an hour following the application
  • Competitive finance conditions according to the company's credit rating.

Preservation of capital

  • Flexible finance structure with no major cash outlay
  • Preservation of company working capital
  • Sales tax payable on rental rather than the entire cost of equipment.

Protection against obsolescence

  • Possibility of renewing equipment at end of lease
  • Protection against inflation, fixed rent for duration of lease
  • Monthly cost of equipment in line with revenues linked to production.

Tax deduction

  • Depending on the finance option, rent may be considered as an operating expense.

Finance options

Below are the different types of leases offered by GFL, length of agreements and end-of-lease options.

Types of leases

We primarily offer 2 types of leasing agreements:

  • Lease with preset buyback option
  • Lease without preset buyback option

Length of agreements

Most popular between 12 and 84 months, the term of the lease is normally chosen according to the equipment operating life and the firm's credit rating.

End-of-lease options

Depending on the lease, the following purchase or end-of-lease options are available:

  • Pay $10 at the end
  • Pay a percentage (%) of the initial cost of equipment, 10% for example
  • Pay the market value of the equipment
  • Return and renew the equipment
  • Return the equipment

Conditional sale (installment sale)

The conditional sales contract is an installment plan. This sale is 'conditional' in the sense that it enables you to possess and use the goods, with the condition that you make regular payments towards the sales price. Your purchase will be financed by the financial institution and you will pay for the good by making a series of payments over a given period of time. You shall also have to pay any credit charges in addition to the amount financed. If the goods are deemed defective or if there are any other issues with them, the merchant shall respect his or her contractual obligations towards you. 


Financed equipment

As leasing brokers since 1988, we can help you realize any project that requires equipment. You choose your equipment and your supplier, and we handle the financing. All you have to do is submit your list of equipment, new or used.





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