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When you choose to work with GFL, you adopt a partner that believes in commitment. It is one of the 5 fundamental values that comprise our business culture. No wonder the company has grown since 1988. But to maintain a network of reliable, trustworthy and competitive financial partners, you must commit to maintaining a very high level of quality.

Our secret really isn't a secret at all: we believe that there is a finance solution for every client you refer to us. And we invest all our energy to help you realize your sales projects.

Learn how leasing can help your business prosper.


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Simple, Quick, Safe, Mobile, Effective

Better equipped in real time

Use technology to your advantage and benefit from the secure space we provide you. This enables you to submit applications, forward us finance requests and get an overview of the sales pipeline we share.

Real-time sales and opportunities tracking system

  • Online application
  • Transmission of online applications
  • Personalized report of current and finalized opportunities
  • Simple, quick, safe, mobile and above all effective.

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Leasing advantages

Leasing is a solution that offers several advantages for your company. Below is an overview of the benefits.

Rapid sales conclusion

  • Accelerated sales cycle for the equipment supplier
  • Decentralized buyer decision-making process
  • Flexible payment solutions tailored to the lease duration and reimbursements.

Increased sales

  • Payment solution that favors renewal of equipment rental at lease end in favor of modern and productive equipment
  • Ease in offering higher quality equipment or additions, with only marginal change to monthly payment
  • Notice of lease expiration forwarded to suppliers and clients.

Flexible payment conditions

  • Wide selection of standard payment conditions
  • Possibility of setting up special and personalized payments, such as:
    • Deferred payment schedule
    • Seasonal payments
    • Based on cash flow.